Localer is a service that makes it easy to find and buy the finest local products, made with care in San Francisco.
San Francisco is home to a world-class culture of makers, small-batch manufacturers, artists, and craftspeople.

But when visitors come to the city, they find stores like Forever 21, Gap, Apple, In-n-Out Burger, and Starbucks - big chains that can afford the big price tags for prime real estate space.
Visitors want to know where the real San Francisco is. Localer connects them to the heart of the city.

Localer's business model takes advantage of simple mobile purchase technology and same day delivery partnerships with existing services.
Our research shows that tourists and business travelers to SF spend more than 90% of their time and money in five geographic pockets. Most local makers do business in other places, so they miss out on a great opportunity for customers. Meanwhile, visitors are missing out on some of the best and richest experiences (and products) that the city has to offer.
With Localer, our goal is to create an ecosystem, woven between the urban geography and networked mobile technology, in which the two groups could find mutual value.